Fares Overview

  Paying with Clipper Card Paying with SMART E-TICKETS
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(19 - 64)
Youth (0 - 18)
Senior (65+)
or Medicare
(19 - 64)
Youth (0 - 18)
Senior (65+)
or Medicare
Traveling within 1 zone $1.50 Fare Free $0.75 $1.50 Fare Free $0.75
Traveling within 2 zones $3.00 Fare Free $1.50 $3.00 Fare Free $1.50
Traveling within 3 zones $4.50 Fare Free $2.25 $4.50 Fare Free $2.25
Traveling within 4 zones $6.00 Fare Free $3.00 $6.00 Fare Free $3.00
Traveling within 5 zones $7.50 Fare Free $3.75 $7.50 Fare Free $3.75
Maximum per day on SMART $15.00 Fare Free $7.50 Fare Free

SMART Train Fare

SMART fares are based on the number of zones traveled. The fare per zone is $1.50 for adults (ages 19-64), youth (ages 0-18) and seniors (ages 65+) travel fare-free. Persons with a disability or on Medicare receive a 50% discount fare of $0.75 for each zone traveled. Persons with a low-income may also qualify for a 50% discounted fare with the Clipper START Program (see details below).

31-Day Pass

SMART offers a 31-Day Pass for unlimited rides for 31-consecutive days from the date of first use. The 31-Day Pass is only available through Clipper and is an excellent option for frequent riders like commuters. The 31-day pass costs $117 for adults and $58.50 for persons with a disability. Youth (ages 0-18) and seniors (ages 65+) ride fare free on SMART.

Weekend Day Pass

SMART offers a Weekend Day Pass for use on either a Saturday or Sunday. The Weekend Day Pass is $10.00 for adults, and $5.00 for persons with a disability. The Weekend Day Pass offers unlimited rides for the entire day. This pass is available only on the SMART e-Tickets app.

$10 Sail and Rail Combo Ticket

The $10 Rail and Sail is a ticket combining a one-way trip on both the Golden Gate ferry and the SMART train. This ticket is ideal for travel to and from San Francisco. The Sail and Rail combo ticket is only available for purchase using SMART e-Tickets app.


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Paying for Fares

CASH - Cash payment is not accepted on the train.


SMART fare may be paid using a Clipper Card, the Bay Area’s all-in-one transit card. Clipper is accepted on Golden Gate Transit, Marin Transit, Petaluma Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus and Sonoma County Transit, as well as all other Bay Area transit agencies. There are Clipper vending machines at all SMART stations. Value may be added to a Clipper Card online or at a Clipper vending machine. An instructional video on how to use the fare vending machine is available.

Get a Clipper Card: You can get an adult card at any SMART vending machine, online at clippercard.com, at SMART's office at 5401 Old Redwood Highway, Suite 200, Petaluma; or at other participating transit agency ticket offices and retailers.

Discount Clipper Cards: Youth (5-18), seniors (65 and over) and persons with a disability or on Medicare may apply for a discount Clipper Card to receive a 50 percent discount on transit fares and the SMART 31-Day Pass. Note: Youth and seniors ride fare free on SMART, but if your trip involves travel on other transit agencies, a Clipper Card may be needed. Visit the Clipper website for details on how to apply for a discount card.

Clipper START Program: Adults (ages 19-64) living in the Bay Area who meet low-income limits may qualify for a 50% discount on single-ride fares through the Clipper START program. To apply, visit the Clipper START website.

Add Value to a Clipper Card: Add cash value or a 31-day pass to an adult, youth, senior or RTC Clipper card at any fare machine at SMART stations, online at clippercard.com, or at participating transit agency ticket offices and retailers.

Clipper Transfer Discounts: SMART passengers who pay with Clipper receive a $1.50 discount ($0.75 persons with a disability) when transferring to Golden Gate Transit, Marin Transit, Petaluma Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus or Sonoma County Transit. The same discount applies when you transfer from one of these public transit providers to SMART. Transfers are not available if paying with the SMART e-Tickets app.


Fares may also be paid with the SMART eTickets App. This app is best for riders who will not be transferring to another public transit service, or who want to purchase tickets for multiple riders or for those who don’t have a Clipper Card. The mobile ticketing application is available on the majority of iOS or Android devices and requires the use of a credit card and an email address for receipt delivery. See the Mobile App FAQs for additional information. Note: 31-day passes are currently unavailable on the SMART eTickets App.


Fares are non-refundable. However, in certain extenuating circumstances, the customer can request a refund review. For fares purchased using Clipper, the Clipper customer service team must be contacted directly at: 877-878-8883 for refund determination. For fares purchased through the SMART eTickets app, please complete the SMART Refund Request Form and submit it to SMART by mail, fax, or email. SMART does not offer refunds on the 31-Day Pass.